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Tree-stand-or-blind, this is a common question for a lot of hunters, and there’s not usually a clear cut answer. much of it depends on your individual abilities, experience, and of course, your budget. let’s weigh the advantages and drawbacks of the tree stand and the ground blind, and get you pointed in the right direction.. Treestand: treestands vary in price, but a basic hang-on stand, and climbing sticks to reach the stand, can be had for about $100. ground blind: some ground blinds cost less than $50.however, inexpensive options usually provide little room and low ceilings, which cause problems when hunting with vertical bows like compounds and recurves., deer hunters have been arguing over this for a century. which is better — treestands or ground blinds? some say stands, while others pick the latter. the true answer? probably neither..

2. i can see everything! it's hard to know what's headed your way from a ground blind, but i can watch game from up high all day long. if i don't have a shot, at least i can watch them. & let's be honest, you may not see anything else but you'll always see a squirrel!, bowhunters must get close to their quarry. to do so, they use hunting tactics that best match animals and their habitats. by assessing each situation and then waiting – whether in treestands or ground blinds – or moving slowly, bowhunters can get within bow range by sneaking toward the game or letting it come to them. each tactic has its place..

Cvc - i see that you live in ks, and assume that you also hunt there. having never hunted in ks, i can only assume that much of your hunting area is either somewhat or very open, where 100+ yard shots are common., by ryan taylor many times people fail to make the correct decision when deciding to hunt whitetails on the ground or in the tree. there are many determining factors to consider when you have the options to do either one. stand hunting is what many hunters prefer. they will tell you they live and die by the tree stand.